How to check the balance of the Toyota fuel card?

Holding Toyota Mirai Fuel Card

This took a little bit of searching to find out but you’re gonna need a phone if you’re gonna have to call at least that’s the way I found easiest. On the back of the card there is a phone number it’s 800-261-0508 I’ll leave it in the description below and we’re gonna call in real time. I already know the balance but um just so everyone can hear I’m gonna go through, I’m gonna call that number again.

Here is a high level Breakdown of the steps needed to check the balance on your Toyota Fuel Card:

  1. Call 800-261-0508
  2. Press “4” on the keypad
  3. Enter your 16 digit card number
  4. Enter your five digit ZIP code
  5. Operator will read out your balance